If you own a heat pump, chances are that you bought it to take advantage of its amazing efficiency. In the right conditions, a heat pump running in heat mode can operate at up to 400% efficiency. However, you can only get that kind of efficiency from your heat pump if you do your part to help it operate at peak performance. Here are five great ways to maximize the efficiency of your heat pump.

1. Avoid Your Heat Pump’s Auto Mode

Unlike most conventional HVAC systems, you should avoid using your heat pump in auto mode. Instead, you should manually set your heat pump to either heat or cool mode, depending on the season. Failing to do this means that your heat pump could switch back and forth between heating and cooling modes to maintain a steady temperature in your home. You wouldn’t turn on your air conditioning in the winter to correct a one or two-degree overage in your home’s temperature, would you? By leaving your heat pump on auto, that could be exactly what you’re doing.

2. Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Maximum heat pump efficiency has a lot to do with airflow. Therefore, anything you can do to maximize airflow through your system will promote more efficient heat transfer and greater efficiency. One way to do this is to keep your heat pump’s air filter clean. If you have a ductless mini-split heat pump, you should wash the filters in your air handlers every few weeks. If you have a ducted heat pump, you should replace its disposable filter once every three months or more often if conditions demand it.

3. Remove Clutter Around Your Outdoor Unit

The airflow around and through your heat pump’s outdoor unit is critical, too. In general, you want to keep at least two feet of unobstructed space on all sides of your heat pump’s outdoor unit. So, if there’s any debris, leaves, or twigs built up around your outdoor unit, you should remove them immediately. If there are any trees or bushes nearby, you should also keep them trimmed sufficiently to maintain that two-foot buffer zone around your outdoor unit.

4. Pick a Temperature and Stick With It

With traditional HVAC systems, conventional wisdom holds that you should turn down your thermostat when you go out or leave overnight. The idea is that it reduces the demand for heat and saves you energy. However, you should avoid doing this with a heat pump. Heat pumps work best when you ask them to maintain a set temperature in your home. They don’t work as efficiently when you’re asking them to recover from a setback temperature. So, you should choose a comfortable temperature in your home and leave your thermostat set there for the best results with your heat pump.

5. Schedule at Least One Maintenance Visit per Year

Heat pumps, like all machines, need regular maintenance to keep working well. That’s why you should make sure to schedule at least one maintenance visit from one of our HVAC experts every year. Ideally, you should have two. You should schedule one before the summer starts to prepare your heat pump for the coming cooling demand and one before winter starts to get ready for the cold. If you have to choose between the two, schedule your visit just before winter. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck without inadequate heat on a cold day. On each maintenance visit, our HVAC technician will inspect, clean, and adjust your heat pump for optimal performance. If they spot signs of impending trouble, they’ll let you know so you can take action.

El Paso’s Heat Pump Experts

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